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Welcome to Ideal!


We offer you a warm welcome to Ideal Language and Cultural Experiences. We are proud to have over 39 years experience in Cuernavaca, and now in the city of Oaxaca, teaching Spanish as a second language and educating our students about the different aspects of Mexican culture. Our Spanish courses and programs are specially designed to develop your ability to communicate in Spanish in the quickest way possible, while making your experience in Mexico educational, fun and unforgettable.

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(Photo of Ideal Stidents with Señora Irma García Blanco, a great Oaxacan traditional clay artisan)


Programs 2014-2015 Ideal Language and Cultural Experiences


Hello friends. At Ideal we have planned learning programs of Spanish and Mexican culture for the next coming months. In these programs we are including Spanish classes, and cultural and recreational activities to be sure you are going to learn the language and also known the diverse faces of Mexico, in other words, you will know about our history, society, art, politics, economics, traditions, holidays, etc. but mostly about our people; always enjoying in the fun and friendly environment of Ideal.

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Ideal in the city of Oaxaca


Ideal Language and Cultural Experiences is now available in Oaxaca! Come to the incredible city of Oaxaca to learn Spanish and spend interesting, fun moments all year round.

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Let's celebrate 40 years of Ideal!


In July 2015 we will celebrate our 40th anniversary with special programs in Cuernavaca and Oaxaca: In Cuernavaca, from 4 to 18 July, and Oaxaca, from July 18 to August 1.

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Cuernavaca & Oaxaca